Welcome to the Bike Project

Welcome to the Bike Project

We are absolutely delighted to welcome the Sanctuary’s ‘Bike Project’ to St Paul’s in Bridge Street. The Sanctuary is a project that provides a welcome and support for refugees and asylum seekers in Newport. Their aim is to restore a sense of belonging and community to people who have fled from war and persecution in their homelands and are seeking safety in the UK.

The bike project has been running for a while, but they were really stuck for space to store the bikes and work on them, without being out in the cold and the wet! We are happy to partner with the Sanctuary and bless them with a new  venue.

The ‘bike project’ takes secondhand bikes and repairs and refurbishes them, before giving them free to asylum seekers and refugees to get around Newport.

Asylum seekers are not allowed to work or drive. They have little or no financial support, sometimes for years at a time. It is not easy to integrate into a new culture, especially if you have been through a traumatic and difficult journey to get here. Everything is new and refugees and asylum seekers may feel very isolated. This project is a great way of giving these people something constructive to do, a renewed sense of purpose and community, and an opportunity to learn and use their skills for the benefit others.

The ‘Bike Project’ meets at St Paul’s on a Monday, 1-4pm. You’ll find them down by the back door. Go and say ‘Hi’, to Mark and the team, if you get chance.