Hi All

Once again Christmas is upon us! A time to be grateful, a time to celebrate Jesus, and a time to extend hospitality to all! As the cold weather kicks in, let’s be reminded to help those who struggle, the hungry, refugees and the homeless around the world and here on our streets in Newport.

Christmas cheer is rising! Despite the cold weather, the snow and the dark nights, everyone seems so much happier and friendlier than just a few weeks ago.

This is the first Christmas that St Paul’s has been linked with two other churches. Justin is now the the priest in charge of St Paul’s, St Stephen’s and St Thomas’.Therefore, it has been all change for our Christmas services and outreach. Some stuff has already been and gone and we’ve had some lovely feedback. But don’t miss out, there are many services and some exciting events still to come! Please look at our website for the full list of services and events around Christmas, but the highlights are as follows:-

Christmas Live @ St Pauls 16th December
Carols @ St Stephens 17th December
Christingle @ St Pauls 24th December
Midnight Mass @ St Stephens & St Thomas 24th December
Christmas Day @ St Pauls 25th December

We really hope to see you, if you can make it. We hope than you will enjoy being with us, as we celebrate and have some fun.

God Bless and Merry Christmas